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Survival Schools

Sierra School of Survival
Placerville, California

Twin Eagles Wilderness School
Sandpoint, Idaho
New Jersey

Aboriginal Living Skills School

Vermont Wilderness School

Alderleaf Wilderness College
Monroe, WA

Primitive Ways
Hayward, California

Hollowtop Outdoor School

Past Skills Wilderness School
Bozeman, Montana

Earth School
North Carolina

Boulder Outdoor Survival School

OnPoint Tactical Survival School
Vincentown, New Jersey

Earthwalk Northwest

Earthways Nature Education Programs

Jack Mountain Bushcraft & Guide Service

Maine Primitive Skills School

Nature Awareness School

Tom Brown Jr.'s Tracking School

Wilderness Awareness School

Become a Basic Survival Skills Instructor

Today, many survival schools nationwide are doing a land office business. That's why becoming self-employed and teaching similar courses could pay off in the years ahead. If no one is providing this service in your town, why not take advantage of the market?

Check the websites on the right and see for yourself about the money you can earn. And you don't have to be a rugged outdoorsman to teach the core skills. Simply by taking a few first aid courses, volunteering for your local search and rescue agency, and reading up on the subject, you'll be equipped to train others. Even lifelong trekkers still don't know many of the basic skills, like:

The City Edition provides a 25-page handout that explains how to start your own business teaching survival for $5.

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The handout covers: 

From learning the ropes of wilderness survival, to designing an easy-to-deliver seminar at a low cost, to setting up ecommerce on your own website so you can earn money not only through class registrations, but on click-through ads and merchandise commissions (Amazon, Discovery Channel, etc.) - it's all here.

If you're wondering about the cost of starting your own company, a small capital outlay is needed but the amount will vary depending on your background, location, equipment on hand and level of service you intend to provide. The more creative you are in setting things up, the less out of pocket you'll spend. The costs can vary, from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand, depending on your approach. And if you have a partner, you can split that investment in half.

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