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What are They Spraying in The Sky?

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Chemtrail or contrail? Either way, it's just another dry day over Northern California.

According to two documentary films, What in the World are They Spraying? and Why in the World are They Spraying?, chemtrails are part of an undisclosed mission of the U.S. Air Force to create drought in some states, flooding and powerful storms in others. Here's the inside story behind the aluminum oxide aerosol sprayings, including an explanation about why they're so prevalent over California, and what you can do to protect yourself from contamination.. Note: is a new website presented as a public service by The City Edition.

More than 300 endangered whales mysteriously wash up dead on beach in 'apocalyptic sight'


From the article: By the time the scientific expedition first reached the whales in June they soon found 305 bodies and 32 skeletons of the sei whales - a protected species. The whales were found without any wounds, suggesting it may have been an invisible killer, such as a devastating virus. The Chilean government has already ordered an investigation in the mass beaching. This article links to The Express (UK).

Lesvos struggles to manage flow of refugees from Syria


From the article: On Wednesday, UNHCR transferred 17 busloads of soaked and exhausted people to the hotspot after they had survived the three-hour boat journey from Turkey and arrived on beaches south of the island between midnight and 10 a.m. That was a fraction of the numbers arriving on days in the summer.

This article links to See also the Reuters story on the recue effort and volunteer groups. If you can, please donate online to the Starfish Foundation and Lifeguard Hellas.

Most of state's fracking waste left in unlined pits, study finds

J Henry Fair/Lighthawk
Due to toxic contaminants in fracking wastewater, disposal ponds should be lined like the one in this photo.

This article by David R. Baker links to

Wastewater from fracking operations may contaminate aquifers used for drinking and irrigation, according to the study. Over 900 such pits dot the oil fields of the San Joaquin Valley, some above usable aquifers. For more background on this subject, check out the website at CA Frack Facts.

Greece Is a Crime Scene, and Vulture Funds Are to Blame - An Interview with Greg Palast

This article by Michael Nevradakis links to

Investigative reporter and bestselling author Greg Palast discusses the results of his investigation into the actions of so-called vulture funds and their role in the destruction of the Greek economy. According to Palast, "I've been investigating the causes of Greece's collapse; it's a crime scene; it's not something that was a matter of Greeks living beyond their means or being lazy, olive pit-spewing slackers, as the Germans would have it. In fact, I actually looked it up: The average Greek worker works 400 hours more a year than the average German worker."

Filaments of ebola attached to a cell.

Ebola 'Secret Serum': Small Biopharma, The Army, And Big Tobacco

This article links to

The experimental Ebola drug ZMapp is the product of a "convoluted convergence of U.S. and Canadian federal agencies and industrial partners that's typical for treatments of potential value against biowarfare and bioterrorism," according to this 8/5/14 article in Forbes. "The U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases (USAMRIID) has been a critical driver of much of this work as they maintain biosafety level-4 facilities in Frederick, Maryland, and have extensive expertise with non-human primates as a model for human infectious diseases." The research and development of ZMapp and related drugs described here calls to mind Leonard Horowitz's 1996 book, Emerging Viruses: AIDS and Ebola - Nature, Accident or Intentional. (A video broadcast with Dr. Horowitz took place in August.) For more background, see also The City Edition's 2006 article about Liberia and President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, "Sometimes You Win."


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