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Travelers planning a vacation to Europe may enjoy a slide show, Budget Trip to Europe. Here, you'll learn how to set up an itinerary, pack light and save money on flights.

For those planning a new career or home solar installation, Welders Universe (2012) and The Solar Planner (2013) offer extensive information and resources to help you get started. Click on the links in the box to the left to visit those sites.

The Mega-Disaster Planner for emergency preparedness first appeared in 2008 and is supplemented by the Wilderness Survival Guide, 2012 Doomsday Prophecy Guide, as well as a look at the popular topic of Ancient Aliens. All these features can be accessed via The Mega-Disaster Planner main menu.

In 2015, a new website premiered, exploring the rumored aerosol spraying program of the planet (chemtrails), weather modification and geoengineering. Operating under the domain the website was revised and expanded in early 2018. You'll find a detox prevention guide for aluminum poisong and electromagnetic (EMF) radiation, along with videos and links to groups that oppose these dangerous programs. Few other websites on the internet provide the level of investigative research needed to understand this under-the-radar but dire subject.

The City Edition also encourages the production of more upbeat, uplifting woman-driven with a small site called The Film Springs.

For readers interested in human rights and social justice, please visit Human Rights Interactive Network along with the Sex Trafficking page which lists articles and resources for the San Francisco Bay Area.

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