On the Trail of Yosemite's Monopoly Concessionaire

It happens only once every 15 years or so, and last time it drove environmentalists into a state of apoplexy. That would be the award of the big contract to run Yosemite's lodgings, restaurants and other tourist services. It seems the Department of Interior may have secretly delivered the last contract into the lap of a billionaire, one with little interest in either wildlife or conservation. And the same backroom manuevering could be in the works again.

Women Spies

Proving that truth is stranger than fiction, both Marlene Dietrich and Julia Child spied for the U.S. military in World War II.  Their names and 24,000 others were recently declassified, some sixty years after the OSS - Office of Strategic Services - was replaced by the CIA.  Today, female undercover agents like Valerie Plame appear to be coming out of the woodwork, thanks in part to a class action suit filed back in 1992. And they're not nearly so hush-hush as the dames of old.

The Mega-Disaster Planner

There may be no time like the present to plan for the tumultous era that lies ahead. How will humans survive without electricity and other creature comforts after a solar flare disables the power grid and collapses our satellite telecommunications? Will an eruption of the Yellowstone supervolcano, more catastrophic weather, the economic meltdown and another terrorist attack combine to deliver a knockout punch to our government institutions? Here's a comprehensive guide to handle the worst case scenario in the event all the dire predictions for 2012 come to pass.

Apocalypse 2012?

There's a buzz among amateur historians and astronomers, and it's all about ancient prophecies declaring the year 2012 the end of a "World Age". It may even be the prelude to a cataclysmic disaster that wipes out much of the human race. After all, it's happened before. And the science of tomorrow is not exactly debunking the claim. Some astrophycisists think we're entering an interstellar radiation cloud. Ohers think heightened sunspot activity will knock out all our satellites and electrical transformers in a single shot. Will the earth respond to global warming with the eruption of a supervolcano - like the one rumbling right now below Yellowstone? Follow the trail as we unravel the predictions, examine the records of past cataclysms, and see what the experts say about a potential doomsday scenario unfolding soon.

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