The Author of Backlash Strikes Again - This Time at the Terror Mythology of 9/11 (Oct/Nov 2007)

Democracy Now! Host Amy Goodman's Years of Living Dangerously (Aug/Sept 2007)

Blazing Trails with Annie Oakley (May/Jun 2007)

Dixie Chicks Turn Angst to Good Measure (Mar/Apr 2007)

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Filmmaker Barbara Kopple Brings Home Bacon (Again) with Shut Up and Sing! (Mar/Apr 2007)

Winona Ryder Goes to the Wall for Little Women (Dec 2006)

Ric Bienstock Presents Her Award-Winning Documentary on Sex Trafficking (Jan/Feb 2007)

Donny and Marie Osmond About to Release a Retrospective DVD (Sept/Oct 2006)

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