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Space Weather and Solar Radiation Threat

"Giant Sunspot Now Aimed Directly at Earth." By Jason Major. National Geographic 11/10/11.

"An X-class Solar Flare Blasts Off, Heads to Earth." Includes photo and video. NASA News 11/4/11.

"Strange solar storm sparks northern lights that dip into Deep South" Associated Press 10/25/11.

"Sunspot Drop Won’t Cause Global Cooling." By Brandon Keim. 6/15/11.

"A Solar Scientist Rebuts a Cool Sunspot Prediction." New York Times 6/15/11.

"This Week's Solar Flare Illuminates the Grid's Vulnerability." By Peter Behr. New York Times 6/9/11.

"Solar storms could create $2 trillion 'global Katrina', warns chief scientist." Guardian, U.K. 2/21/11.

"Catastrophe Looming? The Risks of Rising Solar Storm Activity." By Mike Wall. 2/17/11.

"Solar flare eruptions set to reach Earth." By Paul Rincon. BBC News 2/17/11.

"Solar Sail Flotilla Could Divert Possibly Dangerous Asteroid." By Jeremy Hsu. 12/22/10.

"The Sunspot Cycle vs. High Tech Power." The City Edition 1/18/11.

"Scientists baffled by unusual upper atmosphere shrinkage." CNN 7/17/10.

"Space Weather Turns Into an International Problem." NASA Science News 7/16/10.

"The Solar 'Katrina' Storm That Could Take Our Power Grid Out For Years." By Lawrence Joseph. Huffington Post 7/15/10.

"Regulators Assess the Ultimate Blackout Threat." By Peter Behr. New York Times 7/12/10.

"NASA warns solar flares from 'huge space storm' will cause devastation." By Andrew Hough. Telegraph. U.K. 6/15/10.

"Electronic Armageddon? Congress Worries That Solar Flares Could Spell Disaster." Fox News 6/10/10.

"Space storm alert: 90 seconds from catastrophe." By Michael Brooks. The New Scientist 3/23/09

"Severe Space Weather Events--Understanding Societal and Economic Impacts (of a technological collapse...)" Space Studies Board, National Academy of Sciences. Released 1/2009. See also NASA's press release.

"A Future Space Weather Catastrophe: A Disturbing Possibility ". By Jeff Masters. WunderBlog 4/3/2009.

"Stronger Solar Storms Predicted: Blackouts May Result." National Geographic 3/7/09.

"Bracing the Satellite Infrastructure for a Solar Superstorm." Scientific American August 2008. (Note: full article requires payment to read.)

"Sun's protective 'bubble' is shrinking." Telegraph, U.K. 10/19/08

"The silent Sun’s uncertain course." The Financial Times 10/1/08 (register for free download of article).

"Spotless Sun: Blankest Year of the Space Age." NASA News release 9/30/08

"GLAST Successfully Launches, Prepares to Scan Sky for Gamma-Rays." 6/11/08

Global Warming and Climate Change

"Philippine floods: More coffins needed as death toll nears 1,000." Los Angeles Times 12/20/11.

"The Flooding of Thailand: A Wake-Up Call." Diplomat 11/25/11.

"U.K. birds delay migration due to unseasonably warm autumn." Telegraph, U.K. 11/20/11

"La Nina Is Back, Could Prolong Africa Drought, U.N. Weather Agency Says." Associated Press 11/16/11.

"Swarm of tornadoes sweep across Southeast." Associated Press 11/16/11.

"Texas wildfire season roars on, with no end in sight." USA Today 11/15/11.

"Alaska storm brings ‘epic’ flooding, snowy weather and strong winds." Washington Post 11/9/11.

Aerial view of flood-affected areas in Cagayan de Oro City, in southern Philippines. Gil Nartea/Malacanang Photo Bureau

"IPCC Report Adds To Studies Tying Climate Change To Extreme Weather." By Kelly Levin and Jennifer Morgan. WRI Insights 11/4/11.

"As Population Tops 7 Billion, Time to Revisit Climate Approaches." By Mason Inman. National Geographic 11/4/11.

"Monster greenhouse gas spike seen in 2010, says U.S. Dept. of Energy." Associated Press 11/3/11.

"Historic October Northeast Storm: Epic. Incredible. Downright Ridiculous." By Andrew Freedman. Washington Post 10/31/11.

"Floodwalls Keep Bangkok Dry but Provinces Angry" By Thomas Fuller. New York Times 10/30/11.

"Bangkok Races Against Floods as Tides Swell." Wall Street Journal 10/28/11.

"Fukushima released 'twice as much' radioactive material as first thought." By Justin McCurry. Guardian, U.K. 10/28/11.

"California Earthquake Update: 4.7 temblor hits 35 miles west of Reno." Los Angeles Times 10/27/11.

"Scientists predict faster retreat for Antarctica's Thwaites Glacier." Science Codex 10/26/11.

"Drought Could Bring Dust Bowl From Florida to Arizona." By Kim Severson and Kirk Johnson. New York Times 7/12/11.

"Intense drought in southern tier in no hurry to loosen grip." By Andrew Freedman. Washington Post 7/11/11.

"Two dead after 'once-in-a-century' Ireland flooding." New Zealand Herald 10/26/11.

"Death Toll in Turkey Earthquake Rises as Rescuers Race to Find Trapped Survivors." By Sebnem Arsu. New York Times 10/25/11.

"Texas dust storm, biggest in U.S. in decades, turns sky red and black (videos)." By Elizabeth Flock. Wasington Post 10/18/2011.

"Global Warming Rocks Our World." By Kate Sheppard. Mother Jones 10/6/11.

"Wildfires burn dozens of homes in drought-parched Texas, Oklahoma." Washington Post 8/31/11.

"Seeing Irene as Harbinger of a Change in Climate." By Justin Gills. New York Times 8/27/11.

"New Mexico wildfire advances on nuclear waste site." Associated Press 6/29/11.

"Storm Warnings: Extreme Weather Is a Product of Climate Change." By John Carey. Scientific American 6/28/11. (Three-part series.)

"Nebraska nuclear power plant beset by floodwaters." Reuters 6/28/11.

"New Little Ice Age in store?" By Stephen Adams. Telegraph, U.K. 6/15/11.

"Spring extreme weather events in 2011 are historic and record setting." By Jason Samenow. Washington Post 6/16/11.

"Wildfire in Arizona: A glimpse of what climate change could bring." By Pete Spotts. Christian Science Monitor 6/9/11.

"Researcher Says Climate Change Cooling California." By Matt Weiser. Sacramento Bee 6/4/11.

"Mind-boggling tornado count, deaths raise hard questions about causes, warnings & response." By Andrew Freedman. Washington Post 5/25/11.

"Iceland's Grimsvotn volcano starts new eruption." BBC News 5/21/11.

Tornadoes ravage Oklahoma on 5/14/11.

"April sets new record for tornadoes." Chicago Tribune 4/28/11.

"Climate Change: Neck deep in the Big Muddy." By Glenn Scherer. Blue Ridge Press 5/18/11.

"Climate Study Congress Requested Falls on Deaf Ears in the Capitol." By Elizabeth McGowan. Reuters 5/18/11.

"Climate Change Wilts Farming Yields." By Daniel Strain. 5/6/11.

"The New Geopolitics of Food." By Lester Brown. Foreign Policy Magazine, May 2011.

"Climate change and the flood this time." Op-ed by Bill McKibben. Los Angeles Times 5/10/11.

"Climate change could spawn more tornadoes." USA Today 4/29/11.

"Ozone layer faces record loss over Arctic." By John Heilprin. Associated Press 4/5/11.

A snapshot of Caracas, Venezuela, January 2011. National Geographic has published a special report on the milestone of 7 billion humans now populating the Earth. Photo: Jonas Bendiksen

"U.N. Food Agency Issues Warning on China Drought." New York Times 2/8/11.

"Honey Bees Still Disappearing." By James Williams, Discovery News 3/18/10.

"La Nina, global warming to blame for floods." New Zealand Herald 1/13/11.

"The flood's coming... flee for your lives: 40,000 homes in danger as deadly surge heads towards the centre of Brisbane." The Daily Mail, U.K. 1/11/11.

"La Niña and monsoonal winds flood northern Australia." New Scientist 1/4/11.

"Vital Climate Change Graphics for Latin America and the Caribbean." Report issued by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) 12/6/10.

"7.1 Earthquake Hits New Zealand; State of Emergency Declared." By Paul Chapman. Telegraph. U.K. 9/4/10.

"Tracking Fire Trends from Space." New York Times blog 8/11/10.

"Who can put out Russia's wildfires?" By Andrew Osborne Telegraph. U.K. 8/10/10.

"Climate change whips up floods, fire and ice," by Brian Sullivan and Madelene Pearson. Sydney Morning Herald 8/8/10.

"Enormous Ice Block Breaks Off Greenland Glacier." By Jess McNally 8/6/10.

"Last month was the hottest June recorded worldwide, figures show." By John Vidal. Guardian, UK 7/16/10.

"Amazonian Mega-Storm Knocked Down Half a Billion Trees." Discovery Magazine 7/13/10.

"Melting glaciers are decimating mountain peoples." Interview with Maude Barlow, Democracy Now! 4/22/10.

Phoenix dust storm (haboob) on July 5, 2011.
Photo: Rob Schumacher/The Arizona Republic

"Now you know the power of El Niño." By Don Lipman, Washington Post 3/18/10

"Methane Releases From Arctic Shelf May Be Much Larger and Faster Than Anticipated." National Science Foundation 3/4/10.

"The Greenland Ice Sheet in a Changing Climate." (PDF) 2009 Report of the Arctic Council's SWIPA project (Snow,Water, Ice and Permafrost in the Arctic)

"7 Tipping Points That Could Transform Earth." 12/23/09

"Global Warming Could Cool North America in a Few Decades?" National Geographic 9/14/09.

"Big Freeze Plunged Europe Into Ice Age in Months." Science Daily 11/30/09

"Climate Change and Trace Gases." (PDF) Hansen, James, et al. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society 2007

"The Pentagon’s report on global warming." U.S. News and World Report 2/27/04.

"Imagining the Unthinkable." (PDF) Text of Pentagon study cited above. By Peter Schwartz and Doug Randall.

" Polar Ice Melt Is Accelerating." BBC News. Dec. 2008

"Arctic Ice Shelves Crumbling Rapidly in Canada." National Geographic 9/3/08

"Siberian Permafrost Decomposition and Climate Change." Report from Katey Walter and Jeffrey Chanton, June 2008

Methane gas articles. UC Santa Barbara

"Ocean Dead Zones Growing; May Be Linked to Warming." National Geographic 5/1/08

"The Earth fights back." Guardian, U.K. 8/7/07

"Alarm Over Dramatic Weakening of Gulf Stream." Guardian, U.K. 12/ 01/05

Geologic Upheaval and Past Extinctions

"Turkey earthquake kills three and leaves dozens trapped in rubble." Guardian, U.K. 11/9/11.

"800-Mile-Wide Hot Anomaly Found Under Seafloor off Hawaii." National Geographic 5/27/11.

"The tectonic forces that are shredding New Zealand." By Wendy Zukerman. New Scientist 2/24/11.

Olafur Sigurjonsson/Reuters
Grimsvotn, the latest Icelandic volcano to blow.

"Evidence Widespread of Advanced Civilization in Amazon - 800 A.D." By Juan Forero, Washington Post 9/3/10.

"Was a Giant Comet Responsible for a North American Catastrophe in 11,000 BC?" Science Daily 4/1/10.

"Deadly Quakes Are Coincidence, Scientists Say." Associated Press 3/8/10.

"How The Chilean Quake Shifted Earth's Axis." NPR 3/3/10.

"Hundreds of Quakes Are Rattling Yellowstone." New York Times 1/31/10

"Yellowstone Plume of Hot and Molten Rock larger than previously thought." Science Daily 12/14/09

"'Rosetta Stone' Of Supervolcanoes Discovered In Italian Alps." Science Daily 9/29/09

"Volcanoes Played Pivotal Role In Ancient Ice Age, Mass Extinction." Science Daily 10/26/09

"Ancient Drought And Rapid Cooling Drastically Altered Climate." Science Daily 7/6/09

"Has globalisation made us more catastrophe-prone?" By Andrew Marshall. Reuters 4/27/09

"12,900-Year-Old Nanodiamond-Rich Soil Reinforces North American Comet Theory." ScienceDaily 1/2/09

"Leaks Found in Earth's Protective Magnetic Field." 12/16/08

"Earth Magnetic Field Reversal." By Mary-Sue Haliburton, Pure Energy Systems News 2/27/05

"Earth's Magnetic Field Reversals Illuminated By Lava Flows Study." Science Daily 9/28/08

"Multiple earthquakes rattle Yellowstone." Denver Post 1/3/09

"Historic Volcanic Eruptions Significantly Underestimated, Ash Fallout Shows." Science Daily 5/10/09

"The Dangerous and Dynamic Thermal Springs in California’s Long Valley Caldera." U.S.G.S. Fact Sheet 2007

"Why Gaia is wreaking revenge on man's abuse of the environment." The Independent, U.K. 1/16/06

"Extinction of Wooly Mammoths may have happened as recently as 7,600 years ago." 12/15/09

"Meteor 'misfits' find proof in sea." New York Times 11/14/06


"Geo-engineering: green versus greed in the race to cool the planet." By John Vidal. The Observer 7/10/11.

"Geoengineering: A Bad Idea Whose Time Has Come." NPR 5/29/10

"Geoengineering: Building a better volcano to cool the planet." By Jeff Goodell, Grist Magazine 4/22/10.

"Asilomar International Conference on Climate Intervention Technologies." Agenda and reports. March, 2010.

"Concerns Abound as Geoengineering Conference Opens." By Gretchen Weber. KQED News Climate Watch Blog 3/21/10.

"Strange New Air Force Facility Energizes Ionosphere." By Noah Shachtman, Wired Magazine 7/20/09

Epidemics and Food Safety

"Smucker's Peanut Butter Recalled Over Contamination Fears - What Are the Risks?" Huffington Post 11/18/11.

"Debate Persists on Deadly Bird Flu Made Airborne." New York Times 12/25/11.

"16 dead, and Listeria-canteloupe outbreak could get worse, health officials warn." Washington Post 9/29/11.

"Are foodborne illness outbreaks on the rise?" by Michael Palmer. Slate 9/28/11.

"Disasters in US: An extreme and exhausting year." By Seth Borenstein. Associated Press 9/3/11.

"E. coli scare prompts Tyson to recall ground beef." USA Today 8/28/11.

Cargill/Salmonella Outbreak: Amy Goodman interviews Patty Lovera, assistant director of the Food & Water Watch. Democracy Now 8/5/11. video

"USDA's Failed Salmonella Policy" by Phyllis Entis. Food Safety News 8/4/11.

"Cargill Recalls Ground Turkey Linked to Antibiotics-Resistant Salmonella Strain." By Willliam Neuman. New York Times 8/3/11.

"House Clears Budget Bill With Cuts to Food Safety." By Helena Bottemiller. Food Safety News 6/17/11.

"Sprouts tied to 5-state Salmonella outbreak recalled." Reuters 7/1/11.

"Eighty Percent of Vitamin C Is Imported from China. Is it Safe?" By Dara O'Rourke Huffington Post 7/1/11.

Latest massive poultry recall by Cargill revisits safety concerns at food mega-factories. In April 2011, a dozen people fell victim of another salmonella outbreak, triggering the recall of nearly 55,000 pounds of Jennie-O turkey burgers. Four months later, 36 million pounds of ground turkey were linked to 70 salmonella illnesses in 26 states.

"E. coli outbreaks in Europe linked to Egypt." By James Gallagher. BBC News 6/30/11.

"China wrestles with food safety problems." By Barbara Demick, Los Angeles Times 6/26/11.

"Why Health Authorities Are So Worried About Europe's Mutant E. Coli Outbreak." By Bryan Walsh. Time 6/2/11.

"Antibiotics-Resistant Bacteria Now Widespread in U.S. Meat." By Maryn McKenna. Wired 4/15/11.

"The new generation of resistant infections." By Jerome Groopman, New Yorker 8/11/08.

Nuclear Accidents

"Nuclear fuel has melted through base of Fukushima plant" By Julian Ryall. Telegraph, U.K. 6/9/11.

"Radioactive Iodine Spikes Again at Fushima - This Time 6,500 Times Legal Limit." Associated Press 4/16/11.

"Japan's nuclear clean-up continues to unravel." By Danielle Demetriou. Telegraph, U.K. 4/14/11.

"U.S. Sees New Threats at Japan’s Nuclear Plant." By James Glanz and William Broad. New York Times 4/5/11.

"Japan dumps contaminated water into Pacific; leaks to go on for months." By David Nakamura Washington Post 4/4/11.

"New radioactivity leak at Fukushima nuclear plant spills into the Pacific." (with photos and video.) Daily Mail, U.K. 4/2/11

"Fukushima radioactive fallout nears Chernobyl levels." By Debora MacKenzie. New Scientist 3/24/11.

"Damaged Nuclear-Power Plants Could Spew Range of Emissions." By Gautam Naik and Avery Johnson. Wall Street Journal 3/14/11.

Doomsday Speculation

"What is the 2012 Doomsday Prediction?" The City Edition.

"Prepping for disaster: Bunkers, food storage part of the plan." By Debbie Kelley. Colorado Springs Gazette 4/2/11.

"'2012' Author Daniel Pinchbeck Sounds Off On Recent Disasters." Business Insider 3/24/11.

"Will Earthbound Comet Fulfill 2012 Prophecy?" Discovery News 3/22/11.

"A million deaths a year by 2030." Agence France-Presse 12/6/10.

"Doomsday Shelters Making a Comeback." By Keith Matheny. USA Today 7/28/10.

"Big Banks Face Financial Doomsday in 2012." AOL Daily Finance 5/28/10

"The danger in financial markets' unchecked 'doomsday machines." By Harold Meyerson, Washington Post 5/12/10.

"Is Doomsday Coming? Perhaps, but Not in 2012." By Dennis Overbye, New York Times 11/20/09.

"Apocalypse Soon?". By Anthony Aveni , Archaeology Magazine 11/1/09

"The 2012 Apocalypse — And How to Stop It." By Brandon Keim. Wired 4/17/09.

"Russian Professor Predicts End of U.S". Wall Street Journal 12/29/08

"Thousands Worldwide Prepare for the Apocalypse, Expected in 2012". By Christine Brouwer, ABC News Online 7/3/08

"The Final Days". By Benjamin Anastas, New York Times Magazine 7/1/07

"Does Maya calendar predict 2012 apocalypse?" By Jeffrey MacDonald, USA Today 3/27/07

"2012: The Topology of Time." By Jay Weidner. 2005.

"Imagining the Unthinkable." (PDF). Study commissioned by the Pentagon. Written by Peter Schwartz and Doug Randall in 2004.

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