Fall 2008:

Women Spies

Marlene Dietrich and legendary French cook Julia Child spied for the U.S. military in World War II.  Their names and 24,000 others were declassified this September, sixty years after the OSS - Office of Strategic Services - was replaced by the CIA.  Today, female undercover agents like Valerie Plame appear to be coming out of the woodwork, thanks in part to a class action suit filed back in 1992. And they're not nearly so hush-hush as the dames of old. Here's a closer look at the women who keep this country safe.

Why Obama Represents Bush's Third Term

It took him awhile, but Sen. John McCain seems to realize now that the candidate who most closely epitomizes a continuation of Bush Administration policies is not himself. Although his reasoning may be a bit fuzzy, we've stepped in to help him count the ways that the Democratic Party's "presumptive nominee" may not exactly be the hope and change candidate touted in the press.