Sept. 13, 2006


First Female African Head of State...

President Ellen John-Sirleaf isn't going for broke in Liberia. She's already there... Find out about a nation teetering on the edge of bankruptcy and how you can help this former World Bank economist make a difference.



Beyond The DaVinci Code...

Who was Mary Magdalene? And if what they said about her was all wrong, then what about that other great femme fatale of the bible -- Eve? A new generation of scholars delves into the past to get to the bottom of our religious beginnings.

Prelude to a New Theology: Q and A with Carol P. Christ

The Yale-trained theologian and author of Rebirth of the Goddess discusses the prelude to Christianity, providing some fascinating insight on the little-known era that predated western religion by a couple dozen millenia.



Healing Migraines - The Whole Package (not available)

On the trail of a migraine, is the posse finally catching up? A look at treatment approaches, both western and eastern. Additional articles include an interview with UCSF neurology professor, Dr. Louis Ptacek (above). Also, learn learn how progressive relaxation can help alleviate non-headache symptoms and shorten the severity of your headaches.



More than a Little Bit Country

Donny and Marie Osmond release a new DVD of their hit variety show against a backdrop of personal struggles.



A Streecar Named Desire...

The new Market Street Railway Museum opens in San Francisco, but the historic trolleys soldier on as living museums themselves.



Reviews of the top juicers. (PDF file)


Restaurant Review

One well-placed meal out may be All You Knead. A visit to a legendary Haight Street location.



Going to Shrewsbury, a classic from Sarah Orne Jewett.