November 2006:

Nancy Pelosi's Stairway to Heaven

Rep. Nancy Pelosi is vying to become Speaker of the House, but the way she's gone about it leads some to question her loyalties. Follow her sensational rise to power since San Francisco's hotly contested 8th congressional district in 1987.


Woman in the Shadow of The DaVinci Code

Mentioned in the copyright lawsuit against Dan Brown is the the Mentioned in the copyright lawsuit against Dan Brown is an obscure theologian named Margaret Starbird, whose books about Mary Magdalene significantly influenced the writing of the blockbuster novel. Hear the story of how this mild-mannered wife of a West Point graduate stumbled upon one of the greatest cover-ups in the history of organized religion.


Foreign Affairs

Another Apparent Contract Killing in Russia

A popular Russian journalist was shot to death at her apartment in Moscow on October 7th. It wasn't the first attempt on her life, either, which is why everyone suspects the Kremlin had a hand in it.



On Oct. 17, President Bush signed a bill which attempts sidestep the Geneva Conventions. It also allows law enforcement agencies the power to deny the right of habeas corpus to almost anyone without an American passport or birth certificate in the United States (including tourists). What if other nations follow suit?


The Nurse in Charge (PDF file)

Top-ranked UCSF School of Nursing celebrates its centennial. Take a rare, closer look with us at the profession and how it's changed since the days of Florence Nightingale and the Crimean War.


Bitch Magazine Celebrates Ten Years

Andi Zeisler and Lisa Jervis are still getting flak about the title, but they've got 50,000 reasons to stick with it.


Getting Up Close and Personal at The Ferry Building (PDF)

When the leaves are swirling, the caffeine levels are dropping, and the fruit bowl is empty, this is the definitely place to go in SF.


Give The Bell Tower a Ring... (PDF)

Polk Street establishment attracts business from far and wide despite ineffectual house greeter.


Mind Over Migraine

An interview with local author and acupuncturist Harriet Beinfield about the treatment of severe headaches using Chinese medicine.