March-April 2007 Issue of The City Edition

March-April Stories

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Sen. Feinstein Accuses Attorney General of Playing Politics with Federal Prosecutors

Eight U.S. Attorneys were fired this winter, apparently to make room for G.O.P. operatives with close ties to the West Wing. California has had both its nNorthern and Southern California prosecutors replaced. What's worse, the White House managed to slip new language into the Patriot Act that allows it to appoint new prosecutors without Senate confirmation hearings. Senator Dianne Feinstein was first to sound the alarm on the scandal, but Senator Hillary Clinton may be the ultimate target for the G.O.P.



Taking the Long Way Around on Muni

The Municipal Transit Agency, which operates Muni, made a "defacto" six percent cut in Muni service last year. Find out how the MTA got set up as an arm of the mayor's office, see how the $680 million dollar budget is being spent, and hear some recommendations from a long-time public transit advocate.

Fire Consumes Attic of Hayes Valley Apartment building

View photos of the March 19th blaze.

Women in Business Roundtable Gets Scoop on Downtown Commerce

Calendar of Upcoming Events



Killing us Softly with their Guidelines

The American Heart Association has issued new guidelines urging all women to consult their doctos about taking an aspirin every day to avoid heart disease. However, two recent Harvard studies suggest that taking aspirin is not only ineffective as a preventive therapy but can cause serious bleeding, ulcers and even hypertension. With so much circumstantial evidence demonstrating that it's a bad idea, why is the AHA pitching the over-the-counter medication?



Dixie Chicks Rise Up From the Ashes in New Mainstream Act

In 2003, the hottest female band in the universe saw its fortunes disintegrate after one of its members made an anti-war comment at a concert in London. But the red-state country trio bounced back, writing their own songs and going after the broadcast networks who conspired to ruin their careers.

Barbara Kopple Brings Home the Bacon (Again) with Shut Up and Sing!

The academy Award-winning director releases an amazing new documentary about the Dixie Chicks and their long road back from the precipice.



United Nations Still Trying to End the Genocide in Darfur

A delegation from the U.N. Human Rights Council recently returned from the Sudan and has a filed a new report with recommendations for the international community.



A Walk in the Presidio

It's spring, and the next time someone suggests you take a hike, you might want to take them up on the offer. Here's a trail suggestion with all the particulars, including what you'll find on the path besides your own piece of mind.


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