January Stories

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Girls on the Run!!!!!!!!!

They descended on Chrissy Field December 9th for a five kilometer run. They were confident, determined, in the best shape of their lives, and nobody was going to tell them they couldn't knock off that kind of a distance. After all, they were only in the third grade...


ABC 20/20 Journalist Confronted Old Boys' Network and Lived to Collect Her Paycheck

Lynn Sherr visited San Francisco last month to pitch a new book about her thirty years in the business. Known as the tall blonde who made waves in television, she chatted Oprah-style with U.C. Journalism Professor Cynthia Gorney at the Jewish Commmunity Center before sitting down to autograph copies of her tell-all memoir, Out of the Box.


The Fence Comes Down at the Palace of Fine Arts and the Wild Life Comes Out

Two years of restoration work has ended, allowing birdwatchers and photographers to return to one of the city's most photogenic spots. But only until August, when the fence goes back up. Follow our city editor Lorraine Grassano as she takes a walk on the wild side. (Note: That's not her in the picture.)



Waiting to Inhale: The Next Breath You Take May Be Your First

Your unconscious method of breathing may have a lot more to do with your overall health than you realize. Join us for an inside look at some common problems and different alternative approaches available to regaining optimum health.



Femicide in Guatemala May be Worse Than in Ciudad Juarez

The ongoing, alarming string of unprosecuted serial murders has led women's organizations to call for international intervention. Meanwhile, a new generation of Guatemalans is beginning to think that killing women is the normal state of affairs.



Indie Film Festival Coming to SF Next Month

The 9th Annual IndieFest will be premiering Feb. 8-20 at three venues in the City. Take a quick peak at what's in store for moviegoers.

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