December 2006

Woman on the Verge of Solving a Major Health Crisis

PBS introduced her to us this fall. Brenda Watson, N.D. (meaning she's a naturopath) believes a lot of chronic illness starts in the gut. By adding four handy ingredients to your daily diet, you may be able to beat back irritable bowel syndrome, headaches, and a host of other digestive maladies without having to pop a single pill.

Images of Darfur flashed on a wall at the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum

EDITORIAL: Darfur - Year Three(PDF file)

The genocide in Darfur continues unchecked. And neither the United States Government nor the United Nations has any intention of stopping it.


Ghirardelli Square Goes Club Med (PDF file)

The new owners of the national historic landmark are converting part of the old brick factory into a private residence club with timeshares. Many commercial tenants have quietly moved out to make room, while the companies have announced two new businesses opening soon.


Eclectic Thrift Shop has Good Connections (PDF file)

The donations of top designers, like Wilkes Bashford, make Ghiradelli's world-renown thrift shop the place to go for a bargain. Since 1966, Helpers Bazarre has featured handmade crafts created by the mentally retarded, and if you're looking for a slightly over-dressed mouse, you'll find her in the special museum case.


Stolen Life (2005)

Global Film Initiative Relocates to San Francisco (PDF file)

Nonprofit film organization helps filmmakers in foreign countries finish their projects and also sponsors the annual Global Lens Tour. Eight new grantees were recently announced.


Columbia Pictures/Sony Entertainment

Winona Ryder Goes to the Wall for Little Women (PDF file)

Shockingly good Holiday flick got overlooked in a year deluged by great films. Read the story behind the making of this cozy turn-of-the-century tale featuring Clare Danes, Gabriel Byrne, Susan Sarandon, Kirsten Dunst and Christian Bale (above), and directed by Gillian Armstrong.


"Fountain of Delight" Uncovered in the Civic Center

Affordable vegetarian cuisine and fascinating photo gallery make Ananda Fuara a lunch spot every weekday, but lots of other folks stop in for the tasty baked goods at the cash counter. (Important: no credit cards are accepted.)

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