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At left, a map of Nubia. At right, one of its famous temples in Southern Egypt. This one was built during pharaonic times.

More on the African-Alien Connection

Artifacts unearthed in Central Mexico reveal that the Olmecs may have descended from an African lineage. Western historians generally date the Nubians of Sudan only as far back as biblical times, but few excavations of their territory have ever been undertaken. Fortunately, Swiss archaeologist Charles Bonnet has been on the job in an area just south of the Egyptian border since 1965. "At the time I was told: you are wasting your time, there is nothing in Sudan," he said in a 2010 interview withThe Telegraph (UK). "Today, no one says that any more." Bonnet has unearthed evidence of Nubian control over Egypt and found artifacts dating back to at least 7000 B.C.

Other excavations and more recent climate studies have demonstrated that the deserts on either side of the Nile Valley looked more like savannas during the Neolithic era and earlier. In 1925, the psychic Edgar Cayce claimed an ancient river once ran from the Nile west across Africa. NASA satellites eventually uncovered the ancient riverbed, confirming the high probability of many sedentary, sophisticated cultures in Africa's remote past.

That's led a few scholars to wonder if the famous cattle and bull imagery from pre-dynastic Egypt and Anatolia actually got its start in western Africa, rather than in Mesopotamia or Asia Minor. If true, it would amount to a major "Oops!" in the telling of history by modern scholars. In the foreword to his 2000 anthology, Egypt and Nubia, Gifts of the Desert, Renée Friedman wrote that "the discovery at Nabta Playa [near the Egyptian/Sudanese border]... of 'public architecture', including calendar circles, megalithic alignments, sculptures and other constructed features indicates a political or religious authority with control over human resources -- in other words, a higher level of social complexity than was ever supposed for a desert region."

A new book by Robert Bauval and Thomas Brophy, Black Genesis: The Prehistoric Origins of Ancient Egypt, takes a closer look at Africa's cultural contributions in prehistory.

Other Evidence of an Extraterrestrial Past

This is a replica of the Palenque tomb depiction of Lord Pakal. Archaeologists say he's seated on a throne moving backwards, down into the underworld. Erich van Daniken and other history detectives think Pakal may be blasting off in a spaceship.

Since 2009, the History Channel has aired more than three dozen episodes of its popular series Ancient Aliens, underscoring the wealth of artifacts, legends and intrigue surrounding the idea that otherworldly beings have not only visited the planet, but repeatedly intervened in human affairs.

Curiously, The Sirius Mystery has never been mentioned on the program. When the story of the Dogon was reported in a 2012 segment, it was (ironically) Temple's detractor, Philip Koppens, who related the particulars of the tribe's cosmology. (Temple himself was finally included in an episode about the Great Sphinx in November, 2014.)

Among the other evidence that Ancient Aliens has presented to date:

Replica of the Antikythera Mechanism

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Evidence of machining at Puma Punku

The Hans Glaser woodcut of a 1561 UFO citing over Nuremberg is shown here in a story appearing in the Nuremberg Gazette. The article referred to "cylindrical shapes from which emerged black, red, orange and blue-white spheres that darted about."

Piri Reis map. Click here to enlarge.

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For additional discussion of possible alien influence in the past, see: Ancient Method for Calculating Cataclysms . For more discussion about the course of ancient history, see: World Ages and Their Demise.

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