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Note: These terms were updated on 4/18/15.


The following paragraphs cover important information that you should familiarize with before submitting ad reservations and other payments to the newspaper. Although 99% of transactions are processed smoothly, from time to time misunderstandings may arise. Therefore, we have devised terms and conditions that clearly describe our business polices. By placing an ad, you indicate that you have read and accepted these terms and conditions.

Content Limitations

The City Edition is a G-rated publication. We do not run display or classified ads involving commercial sex (massage parlors, X-rated clubs, escort services, porn shops, etc.). We do not publish ads containing text, photos, graphics or cartoons that are considered R or X-rated, contain foul or vulgar language or promote unlawful discrimination. Also unacceptable are graphics or websites that advocate or depict violence, or any other image the editor deems R-rated, X-rated.

Any page linked to by an ad must also comply with the above restrictions.

If the linked-to page changes content after the ad is placed, and the new content violates our Content Limitations cause, the ad will be dropped.

In any case, should the ad have to be rejected, the advertiser will receive a refund of their payment if the ad has not run yet, and a partial refund (based on time run) if the ad has already been posted. Design charges are not refunded.

The City Edition also reserves the right to drop ads, even if they are initially posted, if we find the ad or web page unacceptable for some other reason. In this case, you will receive a full or partial refund, depending on how long the ad is run.

If there is any question in this regard, it's the advertiser's responsibility to contact TheCityEdition.com before placing an ad.

(See also Refunds and Credits below.)

Space Conflicts

The City Edition makes every effort to accommodate advertiser requests regarding ad placement. However, when space conflicts arise (i.e. there are more ad request than available space), priority is first given to ads purchased with premium placement options, and secondly with those ads that were earliest reserved.

Refunds and Credits

Ad reservations are non-binding until paid for online.

If you cancel your ad after it has appeared you are liable for one month's charge, with a minimum of $49, and any design/layout costs if TheCityEdition.com designed the ad.

Design charges are nonrefundable once artwork or copy is received.

Current ad prices are stated on our online rate card. We are not responsible for pricing errors which result from server malfunctions, shopping cart miscalculations, computer hacking, or our own occasional ineptness.

Types of payments

TheCityEdition.com generally accepts ads only through PayPal. In the event a check for payment is accepted, it must clear our bank prior to the ad's appearance. Contact us to request a check payment and get thea mailing address.

A fee of $25 will be assessed for any NSF check (i.e. a bounced check).

Submitting Artwork in Proper Format

You are responsible for reviewing our artwork specifications and submitting ads in one of the acceptable formats listed. (Most ads are submitted by email in JPEG, GIF, or PDF format.) Camera-ready artwork that is incomplete, damaged, cannot be scanned, or which violates our content limitations policy (explained above) will not appear.

TheCityEdition.com is not responsible for any artwork that gets damaged or misplaced while in our possession.

If for some reason (other than those outlined above) an ad doesn't run as scheduled, the advertiser agrees to hold TheCityEdition.com liable only for refunding the cost of the ad.

See also last few paragraphs at the bottom of this page - Other Terms.


Consulting Service

The City Edition Consulting Services is conducted exclusively by email unless otherwise stated in an offer. You also agree to hold The City Edition harmless of any shortfalls, losses or other negative consequences that may result from following any advice you receive from us. You understand that a consultation is not administered by attorneys, CPA's, experienced solar installers or construction contractors, or business consultants.

PDF Conversion Services

All material provided at TheCityEdition.com website is free for use over the World Wide Web. Conversion involves transferring copy from a secion of the website into another media, specifically a PDF file, 8 1/2 X 11 inches in dimension that is printable on a computer printer. The document will be emailed to the customer, usually within 2 business days of a received payment. It's the customer's responsiblilty to insure printer compatibility and the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader on their computer before placing an order. A link to a sample test page is included on the order form.

No refunds are available once a PDF document is generated and emailed. However, a customer may request a smaller-sized file if any memory issues arise with the high-quality print document. (Contact editor@thecityedition.com.)

In most cases, the latest version of the website guide is converted to printable format. Occasionally, not all changes will be reflected in the document.

Due to the copyright protection of their owners, photos are not included in PDF documents.

The printable documents offered by The City Edition are for the private use of our readers. Any copyright infringement will be prosecuted.

You may not engage in any of the following activities without prior written consent from The City Edition:

All material on the TheCityEdition.com website, as well as PDF conversions, is subject to copyright provisions.

Payment for conversion services is through Paypal, a secure payment site on the internet. The order form passes first through an e-commerce shopping cart, where address and other information is collected for processing by The City Edition. Email addresses are not sold by The City Edition.


Other Terms

We reserve the right to refuse service for reasons others than those mentioned above.

TheCityEdition.com does not not take credit card information over the phone or by email. We do not accept cash payments under any circumstances, and checks will be returned unless an agreement to accept one is arranged beforehand.

The advertiser or customer agrees not to hold The City Edition responsible for scams perpetrated by individuals or businesses posing to be us in an attempt to extract information or payments from you. (Please review our Internet Security for tips on how to avoid being victimized in this manner.)

By placing an ad online, you indicate that you have read and accepted these terms and conditions.

Company Information

Name: Rosemary Regello DBA The City Edition

Please direct any questions or comments to: rregello ---@ ---thecityedition.com


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