Emergency and Disaster Information Services EDIS
Scroll down below the map for incident listings worldwide.

Global Disaster Alert and Coordination System
U.N. Emergency Relief Coordination Centre

Disease Outbreak News
World Health Organization

National Terrorism Advisory System
Dept. of Homeland Security

Travel Warnings
U.S. State Department

Space Weather and Threats

Solar Terrestrial Relations Observatory

Solar and Heliospheric Observatory

Solar Monitor

The Sun Today

Asteroid Watch
NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Space Weather Prediction Center

Weather, Fires & Earthquakes

National Weather Hazards
National Weather Service (NWS)

National Hurricane Center

Wildfire monitoring

Active Fire Mapping Program
USDA Forest Service

Earthquake Tracking

Google Public Alerts

Sign up for Weather Alerts

The Weather Channel

Current Severe Storm Watches

Storm Prediction Center

Pacific Tsunami Warning Center

U.S. Drought Monitor


U.S. Geological Survey

World Organization of Volcano Observatories (WOVO)

Smithsonian / USGS Worldwide Volcanic Activity Report updated weekly

Volcano Webcams of the World

Iceland Volcano Monitoring
Icelandic Meteorological Office

Yellowstone Volcano Observatory
See also the daily seismic readings

Long Valley Volcano Observatory

Cascades Volcano Observatory

Hawaiian Volcano Observatory

Nuclear Reactors

Nuclear Regulatory Commission

International Atomic Energy Agency

Radiation exposure information and links

Epidemics and Food Safety

Centers for Disease Control

CDC Travelers' Health

Food Safety News

Food Safety Alerts
U.S. Health and Human Services

Food Recalls and Safety Alerts

Meat, Egg and Poultry Recalls

Other Resources

Air Quality/Ozone Index
Environmental Protection Agency

Arctic Sea Ice News
National Snow & Ice Data Center

La Nina Monitoring
California Climate Change Center

Earth Observatory

Federal Emergency Management Agency

U.S. Fire Administration

National Severe Storms Laboratory

National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC)

California Climate Change Center

Pacific Disaster Center

Mass Die-Offs in the U.S. (Wildlife)


Current Sea Temperatures Map
Univ. of Wisconsin

National Data Buoy Center
(tsunamis and waves) NOAA

U.S. Disaster News Network

Relief Web
U.N. Department of Humanitarian Affairs.

International Red Cross News

I.C.R.C. News
Swiss Red Cross - monitoring armed conflicts worldwide

Chemtrail Spraying & Geoengineering Threat

Disaster Monitoring Links

On the right are sites that provide real-time monitoring or reporting of natural and man-made disasters, nuclear accidents, pandemics, food recalls and other emergencies. For planning guides and tips, check out the Disaster Preparedness links on the home page of The Mega-Disaster Planner.

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