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The Emerald Tablet - Alchemy for Personal Transformation by Dennis William Hauck.

The Ancient Science of Geomancy: Living in Harmony with the Earth by Nigel Pennick

Book of the Hopi, by Frank Waters

Wheels of Life by Anodea Judith

Feng Shui by Ernest J. Eitel, commentary by John Michell

Feng Shui - Ancient Wisdom of Harmonius Living by Eva Wong

Vibrational Healing by Joy Gardner

Journey to Ixtlan, by Carlos Castaneda

Walden, by Henry David Thoreau

True Magick, by Amber K.

"The Alchemy of Time" by Jay Weidner. In The Mystery of 2012: Predictions, Prophecies and Possibilities.

Practical Intuition by Laura Day

Intuition - the Path to Inner Wisdom by Patricia Einstein

2013 Oracle: Ancient Keys to the 2012 Awakening (2006) by David Carson & Nina Sammons

Supernatural, by Graham Hancock

Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, by Robert Pirzig

The Wisdom of Insecurity, by Alan Watts

"2012: The Topology of Time." By Jay Weidner. 2005.

Living Through the Closing of the Cycle by Jose Arguelles (2003) Downloadable PDF file.

Elixir of life discovered on Easter Island Telegraph, U.K. 6/30/2011


Renaissance Astrology

Alchemy Lab Web Ring

Alchemy texts online

The Secret Doctrine by H. P. Blavatsky

Fundamentals of the Esoteric Philosophy by G. de Purucker
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Vibration - All matter vibrates, a fact that modern physics has been coming to grips with in the last few decades. Understanding harmonics and acoustics may have helped the ancients move megalithic stones with levitation. Vibration can also be used to heal illness and injury, or as a weapon of war, as folks living in Jericho found out to their dismay.

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For Magic itself, which the ancients did so divinely contemplate, is scandalized with bearing the badge of all diabolical sourceries. Few understand, many reprehend, and as dogs bark as those they know not, so many do condemn and hate the things they understand not... But magic is a Persian word primitively, whereby is expressed such a one as is altogether conversant in things divine, and as Plato affirmeth, the art of Magic is the art of worshipping God.

Henry Cornelia Agrippa

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Polarity - This is the principle of poles and duality, like hot and cold, positive and negative, love and hate, hard and soft, etc. The idea here is that opposites are simply two ends of a single process or phenomenon, and by manipulating things, you can achieve a desired result For example, a chemist combines a strong acid (extremely low pH) with a strong alkali (high pH) to produce a valuable "neutral" substance, like a soap or salt. Whether it's temperature, electricity or emotional intensity, you can learn to manipulate those extremes (or adjust the degrees of amplitude) to come up with successful formulas or recipes.

Rhythm - The cosmos is full of repeating cycles, from ocean tides to world ages. Understanding these cycles makes for a happy gardener, sailor, astrologer, athlete or jobseeker. Our modern understanding of this principle revolves around the adage, "Timing is everything." People who struggle with everyday tasks, long-term projects, Murphy's Law, or contentious personal relationships may need some help getting better tuned in with their surroundings. Or they may need to change their surroundings entirely. Becoming sensitive to the rhythms around and inside you is an invaluable skill.

The state of resonance is related to both Rhythm and Vibration. And the opposite of resonance, of course, is dissonance. The San Francisco Exploratorim resonator exhibit demonstrates how by dialing up the right electrical frequency, you can make a flexible strip of metal resonate in beautifully rhythmic waves. Other frequencies cause the metal strip to jerk around spasmodically, underscoring the important role of resonance on all things, biological and otherwise.

Cause and Effect - It sounds obvious, but every cause has an effect, and every effect has a cause. A person with a strong will puts this principle to work by becoming a "causer", rather than someone who constantly reacts to everything that happens around them. This is also what's meant by the admonition to be "pro-active".

Gender - This principle is a little harder to grasp than the others. It's not about sexual activity but the idea of a substance (or energy) that's female wanting to hook up with it's male counterpart. One example is electrons drawn to holes in atoms. Creation, destruction, procreation, generation and regeneration all involve the Gender principle.

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The truly wise, knowing the nature of the universe, use Law against laws; the higher against the lower; and by the Art of Alchemy transmute that which is undesirable into that which is worthy, and thus triumph.

The Kybalion

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Who'll Survive the Next Apocalypse?

A common theme of creation/destruction myths holds that only those folks who keep their connection to the heavens can survive the cataclysm. In the case of the Hopis, a group of spiritually-minded evacuees are instructed to follow a cloud by day and star by night in the lead-up to a planet-wide apocalypse. According to the legend:

"Many other people asked them where they were going and, when they were told, laughed at them. 'We don't see any cloud or any star either!' they said. This was because they had lost the inner vision of the kopavi on the crown of their head; the door was closed to them."

This sounds a lot like the story of the old man and the tsunami recounted earlier. Likewise, the prophecy of Hermes Trismegistus echoes a similar theme. Without a functioning spiritual connection to the cosmos, in the coming years humans may not survive the onslaught of climate change coupled with any geologic upheaval that may result. Nobel laureate James Lovelock refers to the tipping point that has apparently been crossed as "the revenge of Gaia," a natural homeostatic response to irreparable ecological damage and abuse.

Ironically, the few of us who manage to survive this tumultuous period in Earth's history may be the ones writing the legends at that point...

Regarding the evolution of Hermetic Philosophy and alchemy, you can watch two documentary videos on the website of

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...the heavens are carried round with a constant rotation, and carrying with them the lofty stars, whirling with rapid revolution. Against this I have to contend; and that force which overcomes all other things does not overcome me, and I am carried in a contrary direction to the rapid world.

-- Ovid, The Metamorphoses

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The Power of Alchemy

Although today it's most often described as a crackpot quest to transform base metals into gold, alchemy is in reality the precursor of modern science. It incorporates several thousand years worth of philosophy, astrology, theology, math, chemistry, mechanics, physics and many other sciences practiced by cultures around the world. Our western knowledge of it dates back to a series of books written in Greek in the second or third century A.D. and is ascribed to a god from Ancient Egypt called Thoth, or Hermes in Greek. Although the hieroglyphics on the monuments from antiquity were not translated until modern times, there is a more or less direct correspondence between the newer Greek material and the much, much older traditions. The word alchemy itself derives from a place name, "Al Khem", which refers to the Nile Delta. This is also the source of the word chemistry.

During the reign of Constantine, the great Library of Alexandria of was burned, along with most of the texts related to alchemy and Hermetic philosophy, which elucidated on the meaning of the legendary Emerald Tablet. Luckily, much of that material had by that time been translated into Arabic. Those writings in turn made their way to Florence, Italy in the 16th century, ushering in that period in Europe known as the Renaissance.

Traditionally, the practice of any alchemic discipline from ancient to Medieval times was integrated into an individual's ongoing pursuit for harmony and inner fulfillment. Successful alchemists - whether searching for a new medicine or trying to forge a better sword - always made sure their spiritual affairs were in order before getting started on a project. They might pray or fast or go into seclusion, just like a shaman or monk. In addition, the central dictum of alchemy, "As above, so below," encapsulates the idea that by imitating the perfection of the heavens -- i.e. the layout, orbits and alignments of planets, constellations, etc.-- a culture would be assured success and prosperity on the ground.

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When an artist is "in his element", he is creating something new and wonderful that, suprisingly, is not originating from him but through him. True creativity requires opening up to the Above and bringing back something of the infinite possibilities that exist there... Distillation is the alchemical process for doing that.

Denni William Hauck, The Emerald Tablet

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"As above, so below" also refers to different planes of existence which correspond to each other, and forms of the basis of Feng Shui and geomancy (which are discussed below).

Interestingly, the same rules that govern the manipulation of materials in chemistry also apply to the spiritual transformation of the alchemist. The general order of processing involves seven steps:

Calcination is the act of drying up and breaking down a raw substance into particles (e.g. clay), which makes it easier to work with. Imagine yourself suffering the ultimate humiliation in a social setting, or getting "burned" in some other manner. That might be a devastating event, but it can also be the inciting incident that triggers a transformation for the better.

After the breakdown, the dissolution is next. This translates as that depressing period of disillusionment or disenfranchisement most people experience following the break up. Everything you thought you knew about your world or yourself turns out not to be true. After stewing about it for awhile, there comes a time to pick up the pieces and move on. Being completely divorced from society or loved ones, you're in a good position here to make some fundamental changes in your outlook without interference from others. You might change careers, move to another location, study geomancy (another field of alchemy), or begin some form of therapy to correct shortcomings in your physical health or emotional outlook. This is the path that will lead to conjunction or re-combining different aspects of your being.

The process of fermentation, which is next, is similar to a slow-cooking soup. Change takes time. So does emotional growth and the development of physical stamina. Distillation and coagulation are processes that allow you to concentrate and solidify those gains, so they become a source of lasting power.

Rise of Hermetic Philosophy and Feng Shui

Down through the millenia, mankind has benefitted from the contributions of Arab alchemists, Medieval alchemists, Chinese alchemists and so on. But because a portion of this wisdom was considered heresy by the Catholic Church, it's practice had to go underground, where it remained throughout the Dark Ages and beyond.

Thanks in part to the wealthy Medici family of Florences, a series of titles known as the Corpus Hermeticum was reprinted and widely read, as were some of the scientific books that had been penned in the Near East. Artists and inventors like Leonardo DaVinci were inspired by this new wealth of knowledge, and went on to create both new technologies and magnificent works of art.

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Thoth, the Egyptian god of wisdom, was also credited with the invention of hieroglyphics. Here he's featured in a relief above left. For reasons not entirely clear, he was always featured with the head of the African ibis (right).

Here's an excerpt from the most popular tract from the Corpus Hermeticum, called Asclepius, (or alternatively, Perfect Discourse), discussing the origin of humans:

"Thus God fashioned man of the substance of the mind, and the substance of the body - of that which is eternal and that which is mortal, blending and mingling together portions of either substance in adequate measure, to the end that the creature so fashioned might be able to fulfil the demands of both sources of his being... to venerate and worship the things of heaven, and at the same time to tend and administer the things of earth."

But later in the discourse, the narrator warns of a future in which people lose their interest in living and reject their spiritual sides. While the time period referred to is the Roman occupation of Egypt, as you can see, the description resonates much closer to home:

"They will not cherish this entire world, a work of God beyond compare, a glorious construction... They will prefer shadow to light, and they will find death more expedient than life. No one will look up to heaven. The reverent will be thought mad, the irreverent wise. The lunatic will be thought brave, and the scoundrel will be taken for a decent person. Soul and teachings about soul as I revealed them to you will be considered not simply laughable but even illusory."

(For a longer quotation from this tract, see 2012 Predictions and Prophecies . The legacy of Thoth is also discussed in our article Aliens Without Borders.

According to many commentators and books on the subject of alchemy, nearly all religions that exist today can trace their roots to from The Emerald Tablet. This extremely ancient source of spirituality is attributed to Hermes Trismegetis (thrice great), who in turn is thought to be a reincarnation of Thoth. The tablet consists of eight rubrics, each containing eight lines, the most famous of which follows below:

That which is below is like that which is above, and that which is above is like that which is below to accomplish the miracle of the one.

As all things were produced by the mediation of the one, so all things were produced from this one by adaption.

Its father is the sun, its mother the moon. The wind carries it in its womb. The earth is its nurse.

It is the cause of all perfection throughout the earth. Its power is perfect if it is changed into earth.

Separate the earth from the fire, the subtile from the gross, acting prudently and with judgement.

Ascend with the greatest sagaxity from the earth to the heavens, and then again descend to the earth. And unite together the powers of things superior and things inferior.

Thus you will possess the light of the whole world, and all obscurity will fly away from you. This force is above all force, for it vanquishes every subtile thing & penetrates every solid thing.

By it the world was formed. Thus proceed the wonderful adaptations which are produced in this way.

Hermetic philosophy can be adapted to practical use by beginners who learn the seven principles as outlined in another hermetic text known as The Kybalion:

Mentalism - Everything in existence is said to come from the mind of God. The principle in practice is similar (if not exactly the same) as the Chinese teaching regarding the Tao. Buddha and other skilled adepts learned how to tap into the great sea of truth, one that encompasses past, present and future. Famous seers and prophets like Edgar Cayce were also able to connect to this universal mind, as did scientists like DaVinci, Einstein and Tesla.

Correspondence - This principle underscores the geometry, mathematics, laws of physics (and other sciences) and logic used by alchemists. The famous saying, "As above, so below" derives from it. The constellations, planets, sun and moon were traditionally observed, and their characteristics identified, then used for guidance in establishing new cities and constructing monuments. Because the heavens were said to be laid out in perfect harmony, mankind could use the sky as a roadmap for building cities, roads and buildings, as well as talismans and other sacred objects. The civil engineering and architecture side of the doctrine of correspondence is known as Feng Shui in Asia, and Geomancy in the West. If laid out correctly, any building project (including a home) brings good fortune. Astrological predictions are likewise based on the celestial alignments. The principle of correspondence pertains to three planes of existence -- the physical, mental and spiritual planes.

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Feng-shui is the art of seeing the pattern of movement and stillness in the land... And just as we need to trim the sail and move the rudder to navigate through favorable or treacherous waters, we need to know how to balance the elements and harmonize yin and yang to live through cycles of changes that are sometimes auspicious and sometimes malignant

Eva Wong, Fung Shui, The Ancient Art of Harmonious Living

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