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In late 2014, The City Edition added a new site on its server to promote the production of more upbeat and upliftingwoman-driven films in Hollywood. Check it out at

For readers interested in human rights and social justice, please check out Human Rights Interactive Network and the Sex Trafficking page.

Travelers planning a vacation to Europe can watch our 2014 slide show Budget Trip to Europe to learn how to set up an itinerary, know what to pack and save money on flights.

The websites Welders Universe (2012) and The Solar Planner (2013) are also part of The City Edition family. The Mega-Disaster Planner for emergency preparedness first appeared in 2008.

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Rosemary Regello is a technical writer, journalist, business and applications developer. She is a graduate of San Francisco State University's Design and Industry Department, as well as the Welding and Metal Fabrication program at Sierra College. To get in touch, email her at

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